These acrylic Gummy Bears serve as the perfect pen rest for calligraphy straight dip pens, oblique dip pens and fountain pens. They can also be used as brush rests.

Handmade with acrylic and sparkies, these little guys will add a touch of happiness to your calligraphy or artistic endeavors!

Each pen rest is one-of-a-kind and no two Gummy Bears can be replicated exactly.

To clean the pen rest, Simply wipe with wet tissue. Do not rinse with water and mild soap. Do not scrub or scratch the surface. Do not clean with solvents. Pat lightly with a towel.


Comes in three style:
1) Blossom (Pink)

2) Tropical (Orange & Yellow)

3) Garden (Pink & Green)

3.5cm length x 2.5cm width

Gummy Bear Pen Rest (Flora Series)