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1 lesson @2.5hrs

Any Mon || 7:00-9:30pm || Causeway Bay Studio, HK


Wtsapp +852 92253714 to book your slot


So you have learnt basic calligraphy but wondering how to apply on different products to make more fun? It's all about the pick of medium (nib and surfaces as well!), the more you know about the charateristcs of different types of ink, the more easier to lettering on differnt surfaces.

There will be different types of calligraphy mediums that we have for display and be available for you to try out. PERFECT if you’re unsure which inks/ tools you’d like to get before making your purchases at the art-stores!

Join us to learn more and explore the huge range of calligraphy ink in this Ink Lab workshop!


***If you have specific materials would like to be wrttend and tested on, please let us know at least 1 week ahead of your class***

In this workshop you will learn:
-different types of calligraphy ink (sumi, gouache, iron gall, acrylic, etc.)
-ink and nib combination
-usage on different surfaces
-technique & tips

Registration includes:
-2 hours of intense hands-on instruction
-large range of ink will be provided in class to play and test around

- certain amount of sample could be taken back home to play around


Advance payment is required to secure your spot.

48 hours notice of cancellation required for full refund.


Private Class ONLY (or group of 3 max), please contact us for more offers & details.

Calligraphy Skill Lv 4 --- Ink Lab

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