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Our 2022 xmas ornament edition --- The Glam Bell! Isn't it graceful yet glamorous? It is designed to be able to stand on flat surface (e.g. table) as well, so it could be treated as keepsake after xmas!


Why so special?

• The Glam Bells are covered with ultra-shine crushed real crystal.

• Each of the Bell holds a pearl decor which symbolizes sending hope and blessing.


Name will be written at front in calligraphy by hand. Come get this customised ornament for you friends (dont forget to get yourself one too!)



- Size: 9x6x6cm (approx)

- 100% handmade with glassblowing, so each of the Bell is not EXACTLY identical

- high shine Borosilicate glass

Type your message in remark box and we will do the rest for you!

The Glam Bell Ornaments (Blue)

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